My people are a simple people

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My people are a simple people

Thanks to a friend who introduced us via email, I met up with two area sf&f writers last night. It was fun to hang out and talk shop, and the chosen venue of a local brewpub was ideal.

My people are a simple people– we like to talk about writing, craft, what’s going round the internets, the latest sci-fi movies, the endless submission/rejection/submit again game. And, oh, yes. Beer.

We found out that we’d all been at Boskone last month, and even had mutual friends there, but hadn’t met up. Next time I go to a con, I’m wearing a shirt that says “New Hampshire resident” on both sides, to make it easier for fellow Granite Staters to spot me.

Hopefully we can do this again soon. Among the many things I miss about Binghamton is the loss of my local group of writers. The internet is a lifeline, cons are great fun, but there’s nothing like being able to regularly meet face to face.

Now if I could only convince jpsorrow that he needs to move to a New England college town….

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