Regency Romances

Regency Romances

Patricia Bray is the author of six Regency romances and one novella. In February 2015, Diversion Books released five of her backlist titles as e-books.


Stand-alone Novels

While these novels all stand alone, and are not in series, there is some crossover of characters from A London Season and Lord Freddie’s First Love.

A London Season With eight siblings and a bankrupt estate, Jane Sedgwick eagerly accepts her aunts’ invitation to a London Season, hoping to find a wealthy husband. But Jane’s country manners soon make her an outcast in London society.All this changes when she attracts the attention of the elegant and sophisticated Lord Glendale. He finds her lack of pretense charming and wagers that he can bring her into fashion within a month. His plan succeeds only too well, as Jane blossoms into the most popular young lady of the season. Now will Lord Glendale relinquish Jane to her newfound admirers? Or will he take the biggest gamble of all– and risk his heart in a challenging game of love?
An Unlikely Alliance Mademoiselle Magda was a gypsy fortune teller who took London by storm with her uncanny predictions. Only Lord Kerrigan suspects that she is not what she claims to be. He sets out to expose her, only to find himself captivated by the beautiful young woman. But when Magda’s predictions threaten to expose a villainous plot, she finds herself in deadly danger. Now Magda and Lord Kerrigan must join forces, to solve a decade old murder.
Lord Freddie’s First Love Viscount Frederick is one of London’s most eligible bachelors, despite having proposed to more than a dozen women. Each had declined the honor of becoming his wife, using the dreaded phrase “I think of you like a brother.”His pride stinging from his latest rejection, Freddie leaves London for his country estate. He soon learns that Miss Anne Webster, his long-lost love, has returned to England. But his joy turns to sorrow as he hears that Anne has brought with her a child. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the scandal that surrounds them? Or will they once again be forced to part?
The Irish Earl Wealthy and sophisticated, Lady Felicity Winterbourne coolly sets out to buy herself a husband. But Gerald FitzDesmond, the Earl of Kilgarvan proves more than she bargained for, and now she must fight to win a place at his side, and in his heart.
A Most Suitable Duchess Marcus Heywood lives a quiet country life which is turned upside down when he learns that he is the new Duke of Torringford. But his new rank comes with a price, for in order to receive the old Duke’s fortune, the new Duke must be married by his thirtieth birthday, which is just four weeks away.Faced with the urgent need for a wife, his younger brother suggests that Marcus place an advertisement for his Duchess, and laughingly pens the ad. But no one is laughing when the advertisement is accidentally delivered to the newspaper, and printed for all to see. Within days Marcus has received hundreds of letters from women eager to become the next Duchess of Torringford. Now all he has to do is choose among them….
The Wrong Mr. Wright When the notorious rake George Wright sets his sights upon London newcomer Miss Diana Somerville, it is only a matter of time before the naive miss finds herself ruined and forced to flee London in disgrace. Redemption arrives from a most unlikely source, as Stephen Wright, Viscount Endicott and George’s older brother, takes it upon himself to restore her reputation by an offer of marriage.Their engagement is announced, and Diana Somerville returns to London, and is soon swept up in the gaiety of the London season. To her surprise she finds herself drawn to the reserved Lord Endicott, who is so unlike his dashing brother. But her new-found happiness is threatened when George Wright returns to London, and begins courting her in earnest, trying to win her back.


Bewitching Kittens by Janice Bennett, Patricia Bray and Cathleen Clare Three charming Halloween tales of love, magic, and, of course, kittens. In my story, Charlotte’s Kitten, a young widow finds that she has a second chance at love, thanks to the help of a very special kitten.¬† An October 1998 Zebra Regency. Incredibly popular, the US edition is now out of print, but German language editions are still available.