My favorite time of year

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My favorite time of year

Ah, it’s the end of summer. The favorite time of year for any writer, due to four little words…

Sale on office supplies! (I know, you thought I was going to say “kids back in school.”) And for some, that is indeed a blessing, but for those of us without rugrats, now is the time to pick up pocket folders, notebooks and all those other necessities of the writing life. Indeed, I’d been distressed when I ran out of pocket folders earlier in the month, but now I have a fresh new supply which instantly makes me feel more organized and efficient, even if all I’ve done with them so far is to pet them.

I don’t actually have to do the research, I just need a folder labeled “Story Research” and I feel as smart as if I’d stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. While the folder labeled “STORYNAME – WORKING COPY” starts off pristine, then becomes satisfactorily worn as completed chapters begin to bulge out both sides, until ultimately it’s held together by rubber bands.

Is this story worthy of the rare purple folder, or is a blue one good enough? Should the research be in the same color folder as the completed manuscript pages, or in a complementary color? Do I want to make notes in a notebook or on a yellow legal pad? Decisions, decisions. It’s these crucial nuances of the writing craft that they don’t teach in school, but that can nonetheless make or break you as a writer.

And let’s not even get started on the pens.

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